The political independence of Cam Valley Forum

Cam Valley Forum, like many other local organisations, cares deeply about the River Cam and its tributaries. We are informed on issues affecting the health of the river and are allied to those of other river-related groups such as the dozen or so local practical river groups, environmental activist lobby groups, the Rivers Trust, the Chalk Stream Alliance, and the local Catchment Based Approach grouping CamEO.

We are happy to advise local government political party groups on river-related matters. We have worked to persuade all the major national political parties of the need to address several river-related matters.

We have members of many political persuasions within CVF, but we as an organisation are not in any close partnership with any political party. We can attest to Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green Party support for our stances, but we ourselves are not aligned to a political party. All four of these parties have acted to support our viewpoints. All four have impressed us with their displayed intention.

But we are independent of all of them.