The Pennywort Project

Grantchester Mill September 2017, before clearance. Image (c) Environment Agency

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Floating pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides) arrived in the upper Cam in about 2012, completely covering it for months in 2016.  This makes it difficult to punt or canoe up the river, out-competes native species and deoxygenates the water, killing fish. It also increases the flood risk.

Floating pennywort grows rapidly (up to 20cm/day in summer) from tiny fragments of stem which drift down the river. These then grow into large rafts that float on the water, which, when left undisturbed, can take root in muddy banks. It dies back in a cold winter before regrowing in spring, but climate change is increasing its growing season.

The Environment Agency advises that the best way of eradicating it is by a combination of volunteers pulling out the strands while they are still small (carefully disposing of them somewhere dry) supplemented by an annual clearance of the large rafts by contractors.

No single body has responsibility for the eradication of invasive species, so Cam Valley Forum is coordinating ‘The Pennywort Project’. This started end 2017 and has the  aim of eradicating floating pennywort from the upper Cam within 5 years.  This volunteer led effort is supported by community groups, landowners, agencies, charities, councils and local businesses.

During 2018 we engaged contractors to clear the bulk of the pennywort and the treebanches that were trapping pennywort, allowing volunteers to deal with the strands as they emerged.  The first year’s work was very successful:  There is virtually no visible pennywort, although a few hotspots remain where it has rooted in the mud.  We’ll need to deal with these hotspots and remain vigliant in 2019  and hopefully we can “finish” the job.

How to help eradicate Floating Pennywort

If you would like to join pennywort pulling working parties on the upper Cam, please register as a volunteer here or email us. If your community group would like help in getting started with pennywort pulling on other rivers, please contact us.


Status Maps of floating pennywort on the Upper Cam in 2016, 2017 and 2018, together with a log of recent status reports.
Downloadable advice sheet on pulling pennywort
Environment Agency advisory note on floating Pennywort
Pennywort pulling Seasons:  A CVF guidance note for volunteers
PlantTracker: A very useful website and app for tracking a wide range of invasive species throughout the UK.