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Cam Valley Forum consists of a small volunteer core and an extensive network, united by our concern for the river Cam and its tributaries. We have been working together since 2001, which means that when it comes to the river Cam, we know who to talk to about what.

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Cam Valley Forum
Individual members
Affiliated local groups
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Cam Valley Forum

Cam Valley Forum is an unincorporated association, registered with HMRC as a charity. We are entirely run by volunteers and have no staff.

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We welcome volunteers, who simply wish to participate in particular activities, for example to join a pennywort pulling working party or help monitor water quality. Volunteers are registered and covered by our “employee” and public liability insurance when participating in working parties run by us, but they do not need to pay a subscription.

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Individual members

Members of Cam Valley Forum receive the newsletter and get invited to events and our very popular guided nature walks. Members can also, if they wish, get involved in running The Cam Valley Forum and join our steering committee. Members can also propose and (with agreement) lead new CVF initiatives. They pay a modest annual subscription which is important in sustaining our activities.

You can join us here.

Affiliated local groups

Our network of affiliated local groups collaborates across the Cam Valley. They receive the newsletter and in addition they receive and can share notification of opportunities (eg funding, events or training) and alerts (eg local sightings of rare species or warnings of invasive species or pollution incidents). Affiliated local groups pay a modest annual subscription.

They include the following:

Cambridgeshire Mammal Group
Cam Rowers
Cam Sailing Club
Comberton Parish Council
Duxford Parish Council
Friends of River Shep
Grantchester Parish Council
Linton Parish Council
Newnham Riverbank Club

Toft Parish Council

University Angling Club

Local groups can join us here.

Other partners

In addition to our members, we are helped by an extensive network of other supporting organisations and individuals, who provide the donations, in-kind contributions, partnership working and specialist expertise that enable our work.  Some are national bodies that value our local insight and connections.  These include:

Anglian Water
Cambridge City Council
Cambridge Conservation Initiative
Cambridge Water
Conservators of the River Cam
South Cambs District Council
The Environment Agency

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