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Cambridgeshire is the driest part of Britain, with nationally important chalk streams and highly variable rainfall. The Chalk aquifer that supplies 97% of our public water supplies is under unsustainable pressure: over-abstraction means that already it cannot keep our chalk streams running as they should through the year. Pollution of the water by faecal bacteria, nitrates and phosphates is becoming an increasing problem, and the pressures of increasing population, economic growth, intensive land management and climate change will only make a bad situation worse.

Cam Valley Forum is calling for an end to over-abstraction, an end to sewage discharges and the restoration of naturally healthy rivers.

Our work

Water Quantity: Our Chalk aquifier (which supplies the River Cam) is under unsustainable pressure. Read more here

Water Quality: We’re monitoring and reporting on the water quality of the Cam and its tributaries, to help identify the sources of pollution. Read more here

Advocacy: To help identify and promote sustainable solutions, we respond to consultations, meet with water companies and regulators, write reports and respond to enquiries from community groups, the media and others. You can see the key documents here

Resources. We identify and share useful resources from the Environment Agency and others, relating to water pollution, flood and drought. See them here