Water Resources

This page lists various useful resources relating to water pollution, drought and flood

Our key reports with recommendations on how to protect the Cam and its surroundings:  “Let it Flow!” , “Let it Flow_Summary” and “The River Cam Manifesto”

To report pollution incidents. If you see signs of pollutants being discharged, or having been discharged, into a river or stream email ics@environment-agency.gov.uk  or call the Environment Agency’s free 24 hour hotline: 0800 80 7060 More details here.

Environment Agency catchment data for The Cam and Ely Ouse. This gives detailed information on the health of all the rivers in the Cam catchment.

This Environment Agency map shows all the water abstraction licenses and how much each licensee is allowed to use. It is very noticeable that most of the abstraction happens in the Fens, rather than upstream of Cambridge.

All the Environment Agency’s monthly water situation reports can be seen here

WWF rivers map. This is based on Environment agency data in 2015. Areas highlighted in red have listed reasons for not achieving good water quality status

To see if an area is at risk from flooding, see this useful Environment Agency map 

Flood alerts and river levels. This useful Environment agency site allows you to input a postcode and see flood warnings and the level of the nearby rivers. For example click here to see the river level at Byrons Pool. Historical data on river flow rates is available here

This Environment Agency webpage gives access to their water quality data from all their sampling points. For example this page lets you see 20 years of their data on pollutants for the sampling point just below Cambridge’s main sewage works. The datasets can be downloaded as .csv files here

For infomation and updates on drainage and sewerage issues, click here for Anglian Water’s digital map

You can buy maps of Anglian Water’s surface water and sewerage drains at digdat. Annoyingly they’re behind a paywall. This one cost £35 in 2023