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This page lists our Reports, Presentations and reviews, and our Responses to Consultations

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CVF Reports

Sewage Sleuthing: investigations in to the source of the faecal pollution at Cambridge’s swimming spots. April 2024

Our analysis of the March 2024 “EDM” data release on sewage overflows into the River Cam. March 2024.

Cam Valley Forum’s top 10 tips to save water and our Chalk Streams, updated March 2024.

Addressing Cambridge’s Water Scarcity: How can we preserve our future water supply and help save the Chalk streams. Our concerns about the proposed Water Credits Scheme, March 2024.

Water quality testing by Cam Valley Forum on The Essex Cam and its tributaries. February 2024 Download here

How low can we go? 2 sided A4 leaflet on “How can we reduce our water use, to help save our chalk streams?” February 2024.

1 sided A4 leaflet on “How to track your own water usage” January 2024.

Application submitted to Defra for Bathing Water Designation of the Cam at Sheep’s Green. Oct 2023. Download a redacted copy here. Note that personally identifiable information has been removed

Cam Valley Forum report concluding that the Cattle on Coe Fen and Grantchester Meadows have no decernable contribution to the Faecal pollution downstream Sept 2023. Download it here

Notes on the History of Swimming at Sheep’s Green July 2023 Download here

Cam Valley Forums top tips for saving water, to help save our chalk streams. May 2023 Download it here

Our investigation of the turbidity (murkiness) in the river Rhee. December 2022. Download report here

Briefing Sheet on Reduction of Abstraction from the Chalk Aquifer. August 2022. Download Briefing Sheet

Phosphate monitoring in the Upper Bourn Brook and its tributarie on shows that the vast majority originated from the discharged effluent from Bourn sewage treatment works (STW). 8 April 2022 Download report here

CVF has successfully sampled a storm overflow event from Haslingfield Sewage Treatment Works.  The results demonstrate that such events are of real concern when it comes to the quality of our River’s water for safer bathing. 3 March 2022 Download report here

Water quality monitoring and testing in the Cam and its tributaries: bacterial indicators of faecal contamination, and phosphate and nitrate analysis on 24 August 2021. Download report November 2021

Water quality monitoring and testing in the Cam and its tributaries: bacterial indicators of faecal contamination, and phosphate and nitrate status, on 14 June 2021. Download Report. August 2021

The Cam from Grantchester to Cambridge: A much loved river in need of our care. CVF Report April 2021

Responses to the initial consultation on a tentative proposal for a designated bathing water at Sheep’s Green on the River Cam. CVF report March 2021

CVF Report: River Cam Manifesto: August 2019, updated Dec 2020

“Let it Flow” Report May 2020

Survey of Himalayan Balsam in the Cam Catchment 2019. Sept 2019

Pennywort Pulling Seasons: A guide for community groups. April 2018

CVF Reviews and Presentations

Presentation by Bruce Huett. Spiritual Inspiration from Landscapes: Cambridgeshire chalk streams and more March 2024. Download here

Presentation at CVF Bathing Water Designation Consultation Event August 2023 . Download here

Review by Bruce Huett of ‘A haven for farmland’, by John Meed. Download the review here

Buy the book here

Two reviews of the delightful “River Friend” series of books by Cambridge University Botanist, Dr Sylvia M. Haslam and professional artist and desktop publisher, Tina Bone. Download the reviews here

AGM 2022 Presentation on “Faecal contamination of our rivers”. 24 March 2022 Download it here

CVF Consultation Responses

Consultation response on Cambridge Water’s Water Resources Management Plan. May 2023. Download it here

Consultation Response on the Fenland Reservoir. December 2022. Download it here

Consultation response from the Cam Valley Forum to the Anglian Water Company’s Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan. Sept 2022 Download it here

Response to DEFRA’s consultation on sewage overflows. 12 May 2022 Download it here

Response to Anglian Water’s consultation on the relocation of Cambridge’s Waste Water Treatment Works. 27 April 2022 Download it here

Response in support of Fulbourn village’s appeal to planning inspectorate against inappropriate development. 13 April 2022 Download it here

Response in support of the expansion of Logans Meadow Nature Reserve. 28 March 2022 Download it here

CVF calls on Cambridge Water, Affinity Water, Anglian Water, the Environment Agency, Water Resources East and Water Resources South East to work together to develop one collaborative water resources management plan for Cam Chalk streams. 28 Feb 22, Consultation Response

Cam Valley Forum has objected to the City Council’s proposals for a permanent art installation along the riverbank at Sheep’s Green. We have asked the Council to re-evaluate how the Cam Art budget of £550,000 is being used. 22 Feb 2022. Consultation Response

Cam Valley Forum has pressed the Environment Agency to adopt a nature-based approach to managing flood risk and urged it to reconnect streams to their historic floodplains to restore river and wetland biodiversity. Jan 2022 Consultation Response

Cam Valley Forum response to Greater Cambridge Local Plan Consultation. December 2021 Consultation response

Cam Valley Forum calls for OFWAT and the water companies to deliver effective action to protect and enhance Chalk streams. Consultation response 15 October 2021

Cam Valley Forum urges Cambridge Water to prioritise the protection of Chalk streams in managing public water supplies during droughts. Consultation response. 2 August 2021

Cam Valley Forum urges Affinity Water to prioritise the protection of Chalk streams in managing public water supplies during droughts. Consultation Response. 30 July 2021

Cam Valley Forum has urged OFWAT to press water companies to develop far more ambitious programmes of action to restore Chalk streams damaged over many years by over-abstraction and by pollution from wastewater discharges. Consultation response 22 July 2021

Responses to Cam Valley Forum consultation on the idea of a “Bathing Water” designation for part of the River Cam. March 2021

Cam Valley Forum has challenged OFWAT to give the environment far greater priority in its regulation of water companies, especially where the future of Chalk streams is at stake. Consultation Response. February 2021

Cam Valley Forum is consulting about getting a “Bathing Water” designation for part of the River Cam. CVF Consultation Feb 2021

Response to the Environment Agency Consultation Paper: River Basin Planning: Challenges and Choices. Sets out proposals to improve water flow, water quality, wildlife habitats and flood risk management for the entire catchment. Consultation Response Sept 2020

Our consultation response on Water Resources Management Planning guidance championed the cause of Chalk streams and has drawn specific assurances from Government Oct 2020

Consultation response on relocation of Cambridge Water Treatment Works. Sept 2020

Consultation Response to DEFRA policy discussion document on Environmental Land Management. July 2020

Further Herbicide Consulation Response July 2020

Consultation Response to Greater Cambridge Survey on Green Instrastructure. July 2020