AGM and Annual lecture: Monday 18 March 2024 7pm-9:30

David Attenborough Building (Seminar Room), New Museums Site, Downing Street. CB2 3QZ

  • AGM 7pm
  • Refreshments at 7.30pm
  • Annual Lecture 8.00pm

Annual Lecture: Can the Cam Flourish Again?

Can we transform our water infrastructure and farming so we become part of a healthy aquatic ecosystem?

Professor Simon Spooner.

As AtkinsRéalis Fellow Simon is developing nature-based catchment solutions to flooding, water quality, water resources, biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

“Through the centuries we have been reaching ever further upstream for fresh water and dumping our waste as close to our doorstep as we can get away with.”

In his illustrated talk, Simon will present some innovative approaches to living sustainably with our rivers, focusing on enhancing the water cycle and fostering healthy aquatic ecosystems that are integrated with the land they flow from. This transformation demands a shift in urban planning and agricultural practices, emphasizing small-scale changes and investments by individuals and communities, alongside the necessary large-scale infrastructure projects by governments and corporations.

He will discuss the need for new business models, supportive policies, technologies, and collaborative contractual frameworks to facilitate these changes at the local level, inviting discussion on how we might implement such ideas effectively