Cambridge’s ground water level exceptionally low

The blue dashed line shows the lowest recorded level at this site

The Environment Agency’s July situation report for the East Anglia shows that Cambridge’s ground water level is already exceptionally low: the lowest ever recorded, and that it’s getting lower.   It was only the unusually wet winter of 17/18 that has saved our water situation from being even worse.

Cambridge and Breckland have the lowest groundwater levels in East Anglia

All the Environment Agency’s monthly water situation reports can be seen here

The Environment Agency has asked us to point out that, as stated in their reports, “All data are provisional and may be subject to revision. The views expressed in this document are not necessarily those of the Environment Agency. Its officers, servants or agents accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from the interpretation or use of the information, or reliance upon views contained herein.”

Cambridge Water’s drought plan and advice on how you can help can be seen here