Reports & Consultations

This page lists our Responses to Consultations and some of our key reports

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The Cam from Grantchester to Cambridge: A much loved river in need of our care. April 2021

Responses to Cam Valley Forum consultation on “Bathing Water” designation for part of the River Cam. March 2021

Cam Valley Forum has challenged OFWAT to give the environment far greater priority in its regulation of water companies, especially where the future of Chalk streams is at stake. February 2021

Cam Valley Forum is consulting about getting a “Bathing Water” designation for part of the River Cam. Feb 2021

Response to the Environment Agency Consultation Paper: River Basin Planning: Challenges and Choices. Sets out proposals to improve water flow, water quality, wildlife habitats and flood risk management for the entire catchment. Sept 2020

Our consultation response on Water Resources Management Planning guidance championed the cause of Chalk streams and has drawn specific assurances from Government Oct 2020

Response to Consultation on relocation of Cambridge Water Treatment Works. Sept 2020

Response to DEFRA policy discussion document on Environmental Land Management. July 2020

Further Herbicide Consulation Response July 2020

Response to Greater Cambridge Survey on Green Instrastructure. July 2020

“Let it Flow” Report May 2020

Survey of Himalayan Balsam in the Cam Catchment 2019. Sept 2019

Our Report: River Cam Manifesto: August 2019, updated Dec 2020

Pennywort Pulling Seasons: A guide for community groups. April 2018