OFWAT requires water companies to reduce sewage overflows

OFWAT have just sent a letter to the chief execs of all water companies, instructing them to publish specific plans to reduce the harm from storm overflows from Sewage Treatment Works before the end of April 2022.

David Black, Interim Chief Executive of OFWAT says: “To achieve this change in performance, I expect companies to publish their plans, for their customers and the wider public to see, to reduce the harm to river water quality from their activities including those caused by storm overflows. This plan should be specific about the actions you will take, including their impact and time frames for delivery for the period to end of March 2025. To ensure early action and engagement, plans should be published before the end of April 2022. This plan should be seen as an opportunity to give the public confidence that companies are proactively taking steps to address these important issues

He comments that the water companies are required “to understand their impact on the environment and human health and be able to measure and monitor their progress in addressing these impacts.”

Cam Valley Forum looks foward to seeing Anglian Water’s plan, and will be sharing our views on whether it’s adequate to “give the public confidence”